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Debra's Story

All of us go through one or another type of a hardship or struggle at some point in our life. I believe that these tests, these "fires" do not burn us up and destroy us, but rather shape us and mold us into the strong women that we become. No matter the type of obstacle or dark situation you may find yourself faced with, remember that just as lifting weights makes you stronger, going through mental, emotional, or spiritual battle will ultimately create the character that makes you the strong woman you are.

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Chelsea's STORY

I’m Chelsea – I love to hike, travel, read, I want to change the world in some way – big or small—and I absolutely love spending time with my amazing family, friends, and 2 Pitbull babes. However, if you had asked me about myself this time last year I would have probably just shrugged my shoulders and given you a self-deprecating answer about preferring to be lazy at home. I was in hiding, big time. 

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