TFWH: Sela designs

To say that God will multiply what He has put in your hands is an understatement. God has grown Sela Designs, little by little, year by year, one step at a time to become not just a business, but a community of people who are passionate about orphan care, ending human trafficking and loving people well. It’s not because of who I am that Sela Designs has become successful, but who God is. He took what little I had to offer and breathed life into it.

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The Fire Within Her

September 22, 2012 was the last day of my former self, and the first day of the woman I would become. Before this day, I was a mom of two young boys. I was a successful clinician. I was a wife to the most amazing, funny, selfless, and honest man I had ever known. I was 31 and life was just getting good. That night would be the last time my heart would ever be whole again. That night was the last time I was able to kiss my husband goodnight and tell him I loved him. It was the last night our two boys would ever cuddle in bed with him and feel his arms around their little bodies. At the age of 33, my husband Leon died in his sleep.

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April's Story: Overcoming Chronic Pain

Life can get dark sometimes, but the sun will come out again. Keep fighting for yourself. You will learn and grow from your journey. There are blessings along the way. Don’t miss the blessings. You are so loved and worth it! Keep praying. God never leaves you. Remember, When you can’t, God can. Much love to you my friends! Happy healing. You’ve got this!

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My name is Alexis and this is my story of overcoming abuse through God's grace. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, but I now live in Columbia, South Carolina with my six year old daughter, Makenzie. It has taken me so very long to write my story because many of my experiences have been tucked away in piles of journals, believing that one day, Makenzie would need to read it. I didn't realize, then, that future me would also need to draw strength from them. Here is my story...

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Chelsea's Story: Overcoming Loss

Before I get into my story I want to warn you that this could be a trigger for many Mom’s out there who, like me, have experienced the greatest loss one could know, the loss of a child. God chose me to be the mommy of an angel. With that comes extreme heartache, a warrior of a Momma, my souls redemption, and God’s revival over my life.

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The Heart of TFWH

I've had a lot of questions lately about "what I am trying to do" with TFWH. To be quite honest I don't know exactly. I am putting myself out there, facing fears, and trying to allow God to use me in whatever ways He wants to use me. I am honestly just trying to be a vessel to love on, encourage, and inspire regular women like myself to live an intentional and connected life. WIth that being said, I have a LOT of dreams and visions for the future.

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Lindsay's Story: Overcoming Disordered Eating

Hi! My name is Lindsay. I am *almost* 32 years old, and reside in Louisville, KY with my husband Nicholas and my two boys, Liam (4 in a couple weeks) and Gabriel (2). I am a military spouse, SAHM, and full-time fashion stylist for cabi clothing. Life is only a smidge chaotic! When asked to tell my story, it is hard to know where to start. All I know is that my journey began because God allowed me to hit rock bottom, so that I could turn to Him and begin a new life in Christ. If you take ANYTHING away from my story, I implore you to take away this main point. It all begins and ends with God.

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Dawn's Story: Overcoming Infertility

Hi everyone! I’m Dawn, and am so happy to be sharing with everyone. My husband and I were just shy of three years trying to conceive when we finally got a positive pregnancy test. Almost 3 years of negative tests, a diagnosis of endometriosis, 2 surgeries, multiple failed cycles, and even one failed round of IVF before we had success our second round, with our very last embryo.

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Sarah's Story: Overcoming Chronic Illness

Hello, friends! I’m Sarah. I live in Southern California with my husband, Jay and our pet succulent, Mella.

Jay and I met on a dating app when I was 32. I had pretty much given up hope of meeting a good man, because my dating experience as an older gal was mostly: DRY BARREN WASTELAND. (Cue the “Elephant Graveyard” soundtrack from The Lion King). And also: I was in the throes of working to heal*, after spending the better part of six years in bed with chronic invisible illness, and my health package didn’t exactly scream: “I AM YOUR DREAM WIFE.”

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