Pink and White Magnesite

Pink and White Magnesite


 Magnesite can trigger the brain with its soothing and calming properties, as well as aiding in creativity, clarity, and imagination. The white lava stones are used to diffuse essential oils. They are raw lava beads with no enamel so they soak the oil in well, but you will replace with another drop of oil after 1-2 days. Be mindful to keep the lava stones clean given they are white. Lava beads have character and no two are the same. The gold TFWH charm is to remind the wearer of her strength and fire. These bracelets were created to help women trigger their senses throughout their day to create calm, and remember their strength.

To best care for your diffuser bracelet, do not submerge in water for long periods of time, or expose to harsh chemicals to keep gold from tarnishing. This bracelet is best stacked with the solid pink or white and grey magnesite diffuser bracelets.

White lava will stain. Especially if you use darker oils. Just like anything white, it will get dirty in they elements. You can clean the white lava with dish soap, rinse and allow to dry. This help maintain their appearance. (We want to be upfront about this so you aren’t disappointed.)

XS: If you have a smaller wrist and like a tight bracelet

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